Something Completely Different: Ice Cream

In an attempt to both kick-start myself back into writing/blogging and to try to take some time off from work-related  stuff, I thought I'd write about something completely different. Ice cream. I'm not going to talk about the virtues of this divine dish. I'm sure you're aware of those. If you're not, I offer thoughts … Continue reading Something Completely Different: Ice Cream

Where’s the Student in Our Assessment Obsession

I normally don't do short student stories or anecdotes in my blog.  My blogging practice, if you haven't noticed yet, tends to irregular, overly-long theory and big concept stuff.  But today three threads twisted today in a serendipitous manner. I thought I'd share and it's too long for Twitter, so it's to the blog Batman … Continue reading Where’s the Student in Our Assessment Obsession

LiveTogether – LearnTogether

It's been awhile. I last posted March 14 just as the pandemic shut down and the "pivot" to emergency remote learning was starting.  I usually use this blog space for long, tedious arguments or expansive explanations on theoretical and empirical phenomenon, both pedagogical and economic.  For some reason I've never found the ability to: a. … Continue reading LiveTogether – LearnTogether

Toilet Paper in a Pandemic

This probably isn't the best use of my time right now,  but maybe there's a teaching moment here. In the face of the COVID19 pandemic, folks in the US (and apparently most developed nations) have gone on a toilet paper buying spree.  One result besides the appearance of empty shelves, has been a lot nasty … Continue reading Toilet Paper in a Pandemic

Learning in a Pandemic – 2

OPEN LETTER: Planning to Make "the Switch" This is part two of my posts about teaching in the COVID19 pandemic amidst the possibility that we (faculty)  may have to switch on short notice to teaching at a distance what were originally face-to-face classes.  If you haven't already, please start by reading my first post about … Continue reading Learning in a Pandemic – 2

Learning in a Pandemic – 1

Now, new and improved with proofreading! OPEN LETTER to MY FACULTY COLLEAGUES There's a pandemic happening and it's called COVID19 just in case you've been under a rock and haven't heard. It's going to have starting to have a big impact on higher education, not to mention a lot of ordinary lives. We are starting … Continue reading Learning in a Pandemic – 1

What’s the LMS Worth?

Herein, against my better judgement, I wade into the Great Instructure social media wars of 2019.  ... The announcement triggered a great deal of, let's call it discussion, on social media, particularly Twitter. A lot of has gotten nasty and heated.  On the surface, the discussion seems to be about questions regarding what Instructure (or Canvas, or the data Instructure has collected) is "worth".  Specifically, is it worth the $2billion Thoma Bravo has valued it at and why would TB pay that? 

Underlying the valuation question though, is the real concern.  Can we discern the plans and future for Canvas (and thereby schools, instructors, students, the higher ed system, pedagogy, etc) from this transaction?  There's roughly two camps. ...