Beware “new powers”

So Geithner, Obama, and Benanke want Congress to grant them new laws and powers to "unwind" and "seize" non-bank financial corps.  (see Bloomberg story). Implied in this is that somehow this would prevent or could have made AIG turn out different. I'm not buying it.  FedGov already had the power to stop AIG.  AIG-Fin Products … Continue reading Beware “new powers”

Presentation today: “It’s Real: Cliff-Diving & Bailouts”

I'm giving a presentation today - actually a "brown bag lunch program" for the college community.  It's a followup to last fall's presentation and the faculty roundtable in January.  Copies of the presentation and a podcast (I hope - it's my first) are available from the "Presentations" page on this blog (see link on the … Continue reading Presentation today: “It’s Real: Cliff-Diving & Bailouts”