Angry Bear explains how US businesses failed in the late 20th century

Angry Bear explains how mistaken thinking in the US business community from 1960’s onward set the stage for the loss of world-wide economic and technology leadership in many industries.

A fable: The Guitar Player who sold his gear or, Bruce Henderson vs. Gordon Moore ~ Angry Bear.

I spent much of my career from the late 70’s through 2000 as a corporate planner and strategy consultant.  It gave me a ring-side seat to the mind-battles described in this “fable”.  I have to agree with the author of the fable.  US business leaders blew it.  They fell in love with the finance gin-game:  buy businesses, milk ’em, sell’em a few years later.   True builders of value and pioneers of innovation and infrastructure lost out because they couldn’t put a faith in an unknown future into spreadsheets.