More evidence against patents

Yes, patents, copyrights, etc., the intellectual so-called property protections are really profits-protection for existing large corporations.  The stronger patents and copyrights are, the weaker is innovation and growth. ...weaker IP protections might actually correlate with economic growth,... via Scholarly Communications @ Duke » The joy of statistics.

Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!

Well, actually it likely wouldn't save the whales. But, abolishing patents would likely re-invigorate the economy, revive competition, lower costs (particularly healthcare costs), and speed up innovation. Levine and Boldrin help lay out the case against patents in this piece.  An excerpt ( I recommend following the link): Abolishing so-called intellectual "property" (IP) won't solve … Continue reading Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!

Keynes Was Really A Conservative, Not a Socialist

Bruce Bartlett sets the history straight.  Contrary to today's populist political rhetoric from right-wing, so-called conservative politicians, Keynes, and Keynesian economics is anything BUT socialist.  In fact, Keynes sought to save free-market, private-property capitalism from itself.   Follow the link for the complete story.  Here's an excerpt: Those on the right have been making this same … Continue reading Keynes Was Really A Conservative, Not a Socialist

Why We Really Need to End the Empire: “We Can’t Cut Spending –”

Bruce Bartlett explains why a "balanced budget" for the US federal government is an impossibility.  Unfortunately, most people who strenously object to the deficit and want a balanced budget simply don't understand the realities.  They often confuse "millions" and "billions" (it takes 1000 millions to equal a billion).  They further operate from greatly distorted ideas … Continue reading Why We Really Need to End the Empire: “We Can’t Cut Spending –”