Long Term Unemployment: A Public Health Hazard

We hit record territory some time ago.  No matter how it's measured, either absolute #'s or as % of labor force or % of population, we (the U.S.) has a level of long-term unemployment far greater than anything we have seen since the Great Depression.  see my post To Some, It’s a Depression for the specifics … Continue reading Long Term Unemployment: A Public Health Hazard

China: Working Conditions & Globalization

Interesting Q & A on Labor Compliance in China. Did Anyone Learn Anything from Nike? from All Roads Lead to China. ... what are the biggest compliance issues that exist in china? The more common compliance issue in China is about working time. It is found in almost every factory as the Chinese law is … Continue reading China: Working Conditions & Globalization

Inventories & GDP Explained

A good explanation of the role of inventories (and inventory changes) in GDP, including examples from 2009. From Calculated Risk. First, GDP is Gross Domestic Production. What is being estimated is "domestic production", but what is being measured is mostly domestic consumption. Right away we can see that if something is produced domestically and then … Continue reading Inventories & GDP Explained

Why do we always find Goldman, Sachs where there’s trouble?

The Baseline Scenario concludes with a warning that Goldman must be dealth with: And the US government, at the highest levels, has to ask a fundamental question: For how long does it wish to be intimately associated with Goldman Sachs and this kind of destabilizing action?  What is the priority here - a sustainable recovery and … Continue reading Why do we always find Goldman, Sachs where there’s trouble?