4th Qtr 2009 GDP, 1st Revision

From Calculated Risk and the government: The headline GDP number was revised up to 5.9% annualized growth in Q4 (from 5.7%), however most of the improvement in the revision came from changes in private inventories. Excluding inventory changes, GDP would have been revised down to around 1.9% from 2.2%. Not really any encouragement here.  Yes, … Continue reading 4th Qtr 2009 GDP, 1st Revision

Best Idea I’ve Read Today

from Angry Bear: globalization--the idea that corporate entities should be able to operate their business world-wide without any "barriers" from the nations themselves--is at the heart of our systemic economic problems. The rage at the base of the tea party movement is real--it has been misdirected at government, as though government were the source of … Continue reading Best Idea I’ve Read Today

Explanation: “Core Inflation”

Krugman explains "core inflation" and the measurement thereof: So: core inflation is usually measured by taking food and energy out of the price index; but there are alternative measures, like trimmed-mean and median inflation, which are getting increasing attention. First, let me clear up a couple of misconceptions. Core inflation is not used for things … Continue reading Explanation: “Core Inflation”