Unemployment for Boomers (45-65): Highest Ever

One the greater tragedies of the Great Financial Meltdown  (2007-2009 edition) is not just that unemployment rose to such high levels.  (that was is bad).  It's not just that the unemployment has stayed high and will take years to get return to full employmnent given the weak policy responses (that's worse).  It's not even that … Continue reading Unemployment for Boomers (45-65): Highest Ever

Money Multiplier has Collapsed

From Yves Smith & Naked Capitalism  :   Guest Post: The Fed Is Responsible for the Crash in the Money Multiplier … And the Failure of the Economy to Recover Washington’s Blog. Greg Mankiw noted in January 2009: Econ prof Bill Seyfried of Rollins College emails me: Here’s an interesting fact that you may not have … Continue reading Money Multiplier has Collapsed