They’re Catching Us! (yeah, sort of)

The latest unemployment stats (Feb 2009) by state are out at BLS. Nationally, it's still an ugly picture. But for Michigan, which has been through so much pain, things are still continuing to improve.  Slowly, but it's the right direction.  The rate is now down to 14.1% from a high of the mid-15's last year.  … Continue reading They’re Catching Us! (yeah, sort of)

GDP Q4, 2009 revised down to 5.6% Growth rate

The last of the regular revisions of the quarterly GDP estimates for 2009 shows 5.6% GDP growth rate in 4Q 2009. That's down from the 2nd revision's estimate of 5.9%.  Not a big adjustment, but disturbing that the source of the adjustment is a downward revision in C and I.  C (represented as PCE-Personal Consumption … Continue reading GDP Q4, 2009 revised down to 5.6% Growth rate