CPI: Deflation Watch

The September Consumer Price Index numbers are out. Inflation is really a sustained general increase in the level of all prices.  Since the price index itself can be rather noisy, varying a lot from month-to-month, many economists use some different techniques to smooth out the trend to see what the "sustained" action really is.  Three … Continue reading CPI: Deflation Watch

Distribution of Wealth: Reality vs. Ignorance

Americans of all persuasions, right and left, progressive and conservative, apparently actually want the same distribution of wealth.  We want to be like Sweden.  Yes, the "socialist" Sweden.  But, we don't know that and we don't agree on policies because we don't accurately perceive what the current distribution of wealth.  A fascinating study by behavioral … Continue reading Distribution of Wealth: Reality vs. Ignorance

more Bankers: FAIL

Yves Smith at naked Capitalism tells us of a case where Wells Fargo Bank (which acquired Wachovia 2 years ago), foreclosed and evicted a homeowner for failing to make payments.  Then Wells sold the foreclosed house at auction to a new owner.  Then Wells attempted to foreclose on the new owner for alleged failure to … Continue reading more Bankers: FAIL