Social Security presentation: Will It Be There?

An update:

I’m  giving gave an open lecture/presentation at the college today Oct 20 on the future viability of Social Security and the crisis rhetoric surrounding it. It’s available to view or download here: Powerpoint file Download (no sound).

I had plans to make a video out of it, but time has gotten the best of me.  So, I’ve posted the audio-only from the presentation.  Listen to it while you watch the slides.  Sorry, it’s not edited so it starts slow but it’s all there.  Download the MP3 audio file:

All materials are Creative Commons Copyright, Non-Commercial and Share-Alike license, so feel free to re-use.

Also another very useful (and re-usable) presentation on the same subject comes from National Academy for Social Insurance.  It’s available here:    Powerpoint of “Financing_Social_Security.ppt” or  here: Financing Social Security (in PowerPoint)

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