I’m Back!

As I hope you noticed I haven’t posted for over a couple weeks.  (if you haven’t noticed, spare my feelings and don’t tell me).  It was mostly a busy schedule and some health issues. But I’m back at the keyboard ranting away now.

Actually I’m also back in another way.  After way too many months of not appearing on TV, Channel 6 WLNS in Lansing, interviewed me twice this week about the GM IPO.  My ego is greatly relieved.  The long fade into complete and utter obscurity has been halted for at least another few weeks.

If you’re curious here’s the video.  In  a way it’s embarrassing what TV does you.  I have all these deep (I hope) thoughts and analyses.  Then I have the interview which usually lasts maybe 5 minutes (10 on a big topic) with camera rolling. Then I see how the editing process boils it all down to a few seconds of seemingly total banality that only serves to confirm I have a firm grasp of the obvious.  Oh well.  If you really want to know what I thought about the GM IPO, you’d probably learn more from my posts here and here.