TEDtalks in the Past

I found this and it tickled my funnybone.  I use some TEDtalks in class (if you’re not familiar see here).  I thought TEDtalks were a relatively new, Web-enabled phenomenon.  But, according to this website, a Timothy McSweeney has discovered that there have been TEDtalks throughout history, we just didn’t see them without the Web.  Here, apparently, are some the topics that have been covered in the past:

  • Have We Been Worshiping the Wrong Sacred Tree?
  • The Wheel Will Change the Way We Live Forever, Once We Turn It on Its Side and Attach It to Something, But What?
  • Global Initiatives for Making God Less Angry
  • How “Coins” Are Revolutionizing Bartering
  • Dragon Lairs, Leprechaun Hoards, and Other Promising Sources of Wealth in the New Economy
  • We Already Have the Technology to Turn Lead into Gold. Why Aren’t We Doing It?
  • Not Your Father’s Execution: How the Guillotine is Changing the Way We Think about Beheading
  • Reinventing the Factory: How the Use of Children In Manufacturing Benefits Us All
  • Are Peasants People?

One thought on “TEDtalks in the Past

  1. Jim: It’s always wonderful hearing about teachers who use TED talks in their classes! My passion, like yours, is to share the true value of sites like TED. You’re one of the core of people spreading the good word about that great site. My video talks passion is to the extent that I created and manage videotalks.org. I believe many of your students will like the site as well — a kind of one-stop site linking to dozens of good talks and lecture sites. Keep up the good work Jim! Jim Melfi

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