Michigan Unemployment – Relatively Better

The December state-by-state unemployment rates were released today.  Michigan, which led (?) the nation for many years with the highest rate until mid-2010 when Nevada overtook it, has dropped in the rating.  In December, Michigan's rate dropped 0.7  points from November.  Michigan's unemployment rate has now dropped 2.8 percentage points in the last 12 months, … Continue reading Michigan Unemployment – Relatively Better

So Where Are We? Part II

Another of the major macroeconomic goals is employment. In particular, full employment of the willing and able workforce.  Of course we are still trying to emerge from the reduced employment of the Great Recession of 2007-09.  Calculated Risk provides an excellent summary with graphs of where we stand as 2011 begins: Percent Job Losses During … Continue reading So Where Are We? Part II