Poor Bankers’ Feeling Hurt

Financial Times reports from Davos Switzerland:

Stop bashing the bankers, Davos meeting told

Governments around the world must stop banker-bashing and create the right environment for lenders to support economic growth, some of the world’s most powerful bankers will tell finance ministers on Saturday.

Bankers say the meeting will be an effort to replicate internationally the attempt by UK banks to persuade the government to make peace. “We need to stop authorities around the world throwing sticks and stones at us. We should be past that now,” said one.

Aww, the poor little bankers’ feelings are hurt.  Apparently bonuses in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are not enough to grow thick skin. But I’ll agree on one condition.  I’ll stop criticizing and “bashing” big banks and their plutocratic managers when they stop behaving badly.

One thought on “Poor Bankers’ Feeling Hurt

  1. I understand that manipulating money has been around for a long time. However the degree at which today’s goverments do the bidding of this small group of global bankers is astounding. The majority of the big banks should of been put into receivership and done away with in 2008. It’s a pity that this task will fall upon the people.

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