“I Am Egyptian..”

I received the following email from Talaat Pasha, Ph.D., a fellow professor.  I think it rather concisely explains why the Egyptian people have arisen to change their government.

Dear American fellow people,I am Egyptian.

  • I have been ruled by the state of emergency for thirty (30)years, yes 30 years.
  • 40% of my people live under poverty line.
  • 30% to 40% of my people are illiterate.
  • 96% of the members of the Egyptian parliament are from the National Democratic Party ( Mubarak’s party) because of rigging the ballots.
  • No free and transparent elections (legislative or presidential) were ever done.
  • The average daily income for my people is $3.
  • No health insurance is provided to the have-nots.
  • Universities in my Egypt are not independent and are run by the police.
  • My people do not feel secure to practice their basic human rights without being harassed by the police.
  • There is a secret detective for every 5 people.
  • 10 percentage possess 90 percentage of Egypt’s wealth.
  • Mubarak’s wealth exceeds 40 billion $$$.
  • Average daily wage of university graduates is $4.00.
  • My people are out in the streets today to peacefully get their rights. But the police started using force (tear gas, plastic and live bullets) with totally civilian people.
  • Witnesses say that it is the (secret) police that set fire in public buildings and police stations.
  • My people are so civil that they are now out forming human fences to protect public and private properties.
  • My family reported that the Egyptian youth are now on guard of the neighborhood and they (the family) can taste the feeling of security for the first time in 30 years.
  • My people are now preparing hot meals for the military who are securing the streets after the flee for ALL police persons.
  • My Egypt will NOT be Afghanistan and WILL NOT be ruled by Taliban. This is what Mubarak has been wrongly telling the west and the U.S.; that he is a fence against Islamists and extremists.  My Ph.D. dissertation (from the University of Utah) talks about his issue.

My message to the free American people

Please step forward and stand to support your fellows in humanity and:

  1. Write and inform your House representatives and senators about the issue and ask them to support my people’s case and fair demands.
  2. Write to the editor of your paper.
  3. Educate your students and colleagues about the justice fairness of the Egyptian case.

Thank you

One thought on ““I Am Egyptian..”

  1. I didn’t things were that bad over there. But this is extremely ironic. While there are people literally need food, popular news channels mostly discuss this issue subjectively in all countries. Those news needs to be more focused on the main reason. Thanks for the information bombarding, now people think “Muslims are not peaceful they always yell on streets burns flags tires. That’s normal”
    Hopefully I won’t recall this event 30 years later, when I wake up with “absolute plutonomy”.
    Thanks for sharing.

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