More re: National Debt

Just after I finished my Background Info on National  Debt post, I ran across this from James Galbraith at New Deal 2.0. He does a nice job of pointing out some of the errors of the "oh-my-god-the-deficit-is-going-to-destroy-us-if-we-don't-cut-grandma's-social-security" crowd. For  those not aware, Pete Peterson is a billionaire that has spent millions trying to frighten people … Continue reading More re: National Debt

Background Info on U.S. National Debt

This is another post in response to a student request.  Here are some links that provide background information about the U.S. national debt. First, the definitive sources: for the exact amount of debt by year:  U.S Treasury Direct - Reports: this site also has links, graphs, charts on the makeup of the debt by … Continue reading Background Info on U.S. National Debt