The Death of Recorded Music Sales

First, let's look at: The REAL Death Of The Music Industry   Michael DeGusta | Feb. 18, 2011, 12:13 PM In January, Bain & Company produced the following chart as part of their report on “Publishing in the Digital Age” (PDF): Image: Bain Analysis Then on Tuesday, someone posted it on Flickr. Subsequently, Peter Kafka … Continue reading The Death of Recorded Music Sales

Museum of the Middle Class?

The Onion was trying to be funny when they published this article back in 2004. I'm not so sure it's so absurd any more. Maybe we could use a "museum of the middle class". SCHAUMBURG, IL—The Museum of the Middle Class, featuring historical and anthropological exhibits addressing the socioeconomic category that once existed between the … Continue reading Museum of the Middle Class?

Easy Way to Fix Obamacare and Cut Deficit

The easy way to fix Obama's healthcare bill/law and at the same time cut the federal deficit.  Just sayin'... The Easy Way to Cut the Federal Deficit by Jonathan Zasloff One can debate the political pros and cons of President Obama’s proposed budget: Jonathan Chait does an excellent job here debating with — himself!  But … Continue reading Easy Way to Fix Obamacare and Cut Deficit