Krugman Is Still Wrong About MMT – and with it still wrong on deficit

On Friday Paul Krugman posted the first of what has become 2-3 posts on his blog wherein he claims that MMT is “just wrong”.  As I noted Friday here, I commented on his blog to point out how his post was deceptive and misrepresented MMT.  I was not alone.  Well over 100 people have taken him task in his comments section for not having done his homework on MMT.

For those that want a more detailed refutation of the nonsense Krugman published, here’s a few links that have come up the last few days:

Bill Mitchell at Billyblog My favorite quote here:

Poor scholarship also involves not learning from your errors. You have often rightly accused the main body of our profession of having their heads in the sand (see How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?) and being inflexible in responding to the crisis.

Yet, you seem to keep wheeling the same errors of reasoning out yourself.

Scott Fulwiller writing at NakedCapitalism

The Daily Kos made three posts:

Paul Takes Another Swipe at MMT

Krugman Misleads His Readers – AGAIN!

The lesson, kids, is that even Nobel prize winners need to keep doing their homework.  If you are going to criticize some ideas, it is very important to actually read the stuff first.