Note on Comments

There’s been an upsurge in recent weeks in readership on this blog and I’m very gratified by it.  Thanks to all of you for reading and, in many cases, passing links along to others or using my stuff in discussions in other sites.

Along with that, I’m starting to get more frequent comments, which is also a nice thing.  I want to share a little on my comment policies.

  • Keep everything civil.  I haven’t had to, but I’ll ban somebody if necessary for uncivil, obscene, or threatening comments.  You want to say that, get your own blog.
  • The first time you comment, it must be approved.  This is one technique for filtering out blog-spam. Once you’ve been approved, your comments are likely to show right away.
  • I read all comments. I really wish I could respond to most comments.  I really do.  Unfortunately I’m finding my time so pinched just keeping the blog posted with new material that I don’t have the time. In particular, I’ve got heavier responsibilities at Lansing Community College where I teach.  But I’m committed to keeping the blog going.
  • Finally, thanks to all who have commented.  I get no money for this. (any ads you see are by the folks that host the blog). The realization that somebody is reading it is very motivating, especially when if it helps them understand.

One thought on “Note on Comments

  1. I read your blog constantly! Its always helpful to come here to look up and get the “arguments” I can use when Im debating with people. Keep em comin 🙂

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