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Unemployment Chart

GDP Chart

Social Security Presentation

Government Debt and Deficit Presentation
Income Inequality Does Matter And It Makes Us Worse Off includes Wilkinson TED talk

Update on Current Situation – October Jobs Report and 3rd Qtr GDP  – two graphs

  • unemployment graph

Student Loans and the Building Crisis –

  • graph on increase in student loan debt vs. decline in others
  • graph on young college grad earnings vs. college costs

The Atlantic article:

Here’s a chart based on New York Federal Reserve data for household debt. The red line shows the cumulative growth in student loans since 1999. The blue line shows the growth of all other household debt except for student loans over the same period.

crazy student loans 2011-q2.png

This chart looks like a mistake, but it’s correct. Student loan debt has grown by 511% over this period. In the first quarter of 1999, just $90 billion in student loans were outstanding. As of the second quarter of 2011, that balance had ballooned to $550 billion.

Some Other Interesting Perspectives on OccupyWallStreet

  • graph on household income distribution of income 99% vs. 1%

What a Liquidity Trap Looks Like in Pictures

  • graph on GDP gap since recession

The Mean and the Median Tell Two Different Stories

  • graph of average GDP vs. median income since 1975