Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S.

I just want to take a moment to thank all of those who help make my life rich and rewarding. They include:

  • my wife and son.  I couldn’t do this all without you.
  • my extended family
  • you, my readers on this blog, it’s been fun and inspiring to see so many people come to the site.  Evidently I’m helping you learn things because you keep referring the site to friends.  Thanks.
  • my students, whose perseverance and curiosity make the teaching fun
  • especially all of my colleagues at the college.  My fellow professors, whose dedication, constant effort, and support have been an enormous inspiration to me, especially with strategic planning project.
  • the college and the people of Michigan and Lansing who provide me the opportunity to teach.
  • the people of Ohio and Michigan who supported the schools and universities that nurtured my learning and education.
  • the people of Occupy wherever for their inspiration and courage.

To all, thanks.



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