Coming Out Party for OpenLCC

So the journey that started with creating this blog back in 2008 is taking another big step.  Today I'm launching and announcing the OpenLCC network (  Let me retrace a few steps and explain. I started this blog with two purposes: teach myself what this "blogging" bru-ha-ha was all about and to see if putting … Continue reading Coming Out Party for OpenLCC

Luke’s Law of Leadership

On my other blog (one of them) I once postulated Luke's 7th Law (on Leadership): The amount of true, effective leadership exerted in an organization is inversely proportional to number of times the word leadership is used by those at the top. Our rhetoric about "leadership" really does get in the way of accomplishing the … Continue reading Luke’s Law of Leadership

AAC&U Open, Networked, Connected Learning

Today I'm presenting at the AAC&U General Education and Assessment 2016 Conference with my colleagues Laura Gogia (@googleguacamole) of Virginia Commonwealth and Autumm Caines (@autumm) of Capital University. We'll doing an extended "sequenced session" of part of the Plenary, an hour workshop, and an hour affinity session.  (and, shhh, but there will be a cameo … Continue reading AAC&U Open, Networked, Connected Learning