AAC&U Open, Networked, Connected Learning

Today I’m presenting at the AAC&U General Education and Assessment 2016 Conference with my colleagues Laura Gogia (@googleguacamole) of Virginia Commonwealth and Autumm Caines (@autumm) of Capital University. We’ll doing an extended “sequenced session” of part of the Plenary, an hour workshop, and an hour affinity session.  (and, shhh, but there will be a cameo appearance by Gardner Campbell during the workshop – shhh).

We’re talking about how our various uses of open, networked, and connected learning have boosted student engagement and improved learning.  These really are 21st century “high impact” practices for integrative learning that George Koh urged us to do in 2008.

Our joint plenary presentation:

One of the best parts of this presentation is that it is itself an example of the power of open networking and connected learning. Last July we didn’t even know each other! I was a total stranger to both Autumm and Laura. Indeed I only ever met Autumm in person this week at the conference! Yet we came together and have successfully collaborated because of our networking and connections on the open Web.

At the workshop, I’ll talk in greater detail about “my journey into open teaching”.

If you’re interested, I explained more in this earlier blog post.