Iterating Toward Disruption: The Paradox of Becoming Agile (HLC 2016)

Our presentation to the 2016 Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference on change management in higher ed, Iterating Toward Disruption: The Paradox of Becoming Agile.

This is the slide deck.  Come back in approximately a week for a long-form written version of our presentation to accompany these slides.

If the embedded viewer doesn’t display, use this link to open the Google SLides in a new tab/window.

For a long form explanation of the slides, I’ve created some blog posts to explain.

The Leadership Traps that Stop Transformative Change in Higher Ed

Out of the Traps: The Paradoxes of Successful Change

more coming soon.



OpenLCC + WP: A Revolution in Higher Ed (Presentation to WP Meetup Detroit)

Presentation to Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, March 21, 2016. June 14, 2016

Direct link to Google Slides presentation here.


Single Assignment Sites: Writing in Public

Social Reading, Commenting, and Annotation

Student Projects as Living Community Resources

OER (Open Educational Resources & Textbooks)

Student Blogs & Course Hubs via Syndication

Digital Identity, Life-Long Portfolios, and Community for Faculty & Students