From MS Word to WordPress

The other day I made a guest post at my good friend Deborah Edwards-Onoro’s blog  about a little-known way to write posts for WordPress with Microsoft Word.  The full post is at and is titled Using Microsoft Word to Post to WordPress.

Basically, it’s instructions for how to connect Microsoft Word to your WordPress sites(s) using a Word template called “Blog Post”.  It enables you write and compose in Word, including inserting images, and then one-click publish to your WordPress sites.  If you use MS Word a lot, it’s pretty slick.

Here’s an additional link for the official Microsoft instructions for blogging from Word.

One thought on “From MS Word to WordPress

  1. Thanks for highlighting this little known feature, Jim.

    I hadn’t seen this in Word before. I’ve been toying with the idea of exporting GDocs to HTML as another option to engage entry level folks in some web publishing. For folks that are more comfortable with Word, this looks like an alternative for them to test the waters.


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