Krugman on MMT

Paul Krugman comments today on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).  Unfortunately, he gets it wrong.  For example, he says: Right now, deficits don’t matter — a point borne out by all the evidence. But there’s a school of thought — the modern monetary theory people — who say that deficits never matter, as long as you have … Continue reading Krugman on MMT

Links on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Hyperinflation is not just more inflation.  Additional conditions are needed to go from inflation to hyperinflation.  From New Deal 2.0′ s Rob Parenteau The Hyperinflation Hyperventalists <!– Friday, 03/19/2010 – 10:57 am by Rob Parenteau | 2 Comments –>Rob Parenteau explains why the the hyperinflationist deficit hawks need to take a deep breath. After a … Continue reading Links on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

The Fed’s New “Twist” – Not Likely To Help

Late Wednesday The Federal Reserve announced a new program to try to stimulate  the economy so that maybe somebody, somewhere could get a new job, or maybe it’s so that critics would shut-up about employment.  It’s always hard to tell what The Fed’s real objectives are.  I don’t have time to explain now why it’s … Continue reading The Fed’s New “Twist” – Not Likely To Help