Sometimes Methodology Isn’t Everything

Brad Delong points us to a study published in the British Medical Association jounal BMJ and quotes from it: Smith and Pell: Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials 327 (7429): 1459 -- No randomised controlled trials of parachute use have been undertaken … Continue reading Sometimes Methodology Isn’t Everything

In Economics, the Zombies Walk Everyday, Not Just At Halloween

In economics the zombies are with with us year-around, not just at Halloween. Thanks to ACEMAXX-ANALYTICS for the graphic.   And thanks also to John Quiggin (who also writes at CrookedTimber) for authoring the book Zombie Economics, a must read for understanding how current "mainstream" economics got so far off track from reality.  

The Difference Between Physics and Mainstream Economics

Newspapers this morning were full of the story of how physicists at CERN in Geneva have demonstrated that a particle (sub-atomic one) could go faster than the speed of light.  I'm no physicist, (although I do make extensive use of the principles of gravity and inertia), but this appears to be a rather startling result … Continue reading The Difference Between Physics and Mainstream Economics

Supply Chain for Future Garage Sales Disrupted

Although this came out a couple weeks ago, it is appropriate for today.  Apparently rising food and gas prices, stagnant incomes, and unemployment are threatening the very American way of life.  This could potentially disrupt production in China and disrupt the supply chain for future garage sales. (emphasis mine) Consumers Say Recession Changed Way They … Continue reading Supply Chain for Future Garage Sales Disrupted

Public Safety Alert

From Crooked Timber, today, April 1, 2011: Public safety alert by Michael Bérubé on April 1, 2011 Washington, DC – The National Governors Association has announced a voluntary product safety recall of sixteen governors, due to a structural design problem that could pose an immediate safety risk to consumers. “We didn’t know, when we made … Continue reading Public Safety Alert