Second Casualty of War

It's  been said often that the "first casualty when war comes is truth".  If so, then surely the second casualty of war is the English language.  The Pentagon, White House and State Dept have long butchered plain language and favored the use of euphemisms.  We long ago learned that it's not really civilians that get … Continue reading Second Casualty of War

General Electric Is A Welfare Queen

Ronald Reagan introduced the nation in 1976 to the concept and existence of welfare queens, private citizens that pay no taxes but manipulate the system to obtain large amounts of government money.  Sometimes welfare queens have very profitable but socially destructive businesses on the side and make even more profits.  If that's true, then General … Continue reading General Electric Is A Welfare Queen

Museum of the Middle Class?

The Onion was trying to be funny when they published this article back in 2004. I'm not so sure it's so absurd any more. Maybe we could use a "museum of the middle class". SCHAUMBURG, IL—The Museum of the Middle Class, featuring historical and anthropological exhibits addressing the socioeconomic category that once existed between the … Continue reading Museum of the Middle Class?

Tooth Fairy and Money Supply

This is great. I hope James Kwak at Baseline Scenario didn't bite his tongue - it's pretty far into his cheek. Read the whole thing at Paul Ryan Criticizes Bernanke for Failing to Contain Tooth Fairy: In a Congressional hearing today, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), chair of the House Budget Committee, strongly criticized Federal Reserve Chair … Continue reading Tooth Fairy and Money Supply

30,000 Pigs?

Department of "Don't believe everything you see in the newspaper": “More than 30,000 pigs have been floating down the Dawson River since last weekend, with a piggery at Baralaba paralysed by flooding which has killed most of its bred live-stock. Baralaba Butchers’ Sid Everingham ... said: ‘We’ve lost probably about 30,000 pigs in the floods … Continue reading 30,000 Pigs?

TEDtalks in the Past

I found this and it tickled my funnybone.  I use some TEDtalks in class (if you're not familiar see here).  I thought TEDtalks were a relatively new, Web-enabled phenomenon.  But, according to this website, a Timothy McSweeney has discovered that there have been TEDtalks throughout history, we just didn't see them without the Web.  Here, … Continue reading TEDtalks in the Past