Blockchain in Higher Ed: Guided Pathways and Bitcoins

Both blockchain and bitcoin (I know they're not the same, but they're related) enthusiasts are, shall we say, "passionate".  They're true believers. It's a cult.  For proof, I would suggest you read the comments for any post/ article that's even just skeptical of blockchain-based manias, but I value our friendship and I don't want you … Continue reading Blockchain in Higher Ed: Guided Pathways and Bitcoins

A New Year. Auspicious loneliness.

So much. So much. It's a New Year.  It's an arbitrary day out of the year, but culturally we use the Gregorian calendar and select it for new beginnings. Resolutions. New determination. Where I live north of the equator, we're 12 days past the winter solstice. Days are getting longer (finally). There's a trickle of … Continue reading A New Year. Auspicious loneliness.

From MS Word to WordPress

The other day I made a guest post at my good friend Deborah Edwards-Onoro's blog  about a little-known way to write posts for WordPress with Microsoft Word.  The full post is at and is titled Using Microsoft Word to Post to WordPress. Basically, it's instructions for how to connect Microsoft Word to your WordPress … Continue reading From MS Word to WordPress

Mythbusting Immigration – Presentation Slides

If the embedded slides don't display, you can access the file in Google Slides at A last minute addition to the readings from Vox:  

Cannot Remain Silent

Bill McBride at Calculated Risk and the New York Times today capture my thoughts: These are not normal times, and I can't just post economic data and remain silent on other issues. Mr. Trump's executive order is un-American, not Christian, and hopefully unconstitutional. This is a shameful act and no good person can remain silent. … Continue reading Cannot Remain Silent

Micro, Macro, and the Minimum Wage

Economists disagree. It's so common that there are jokes about.  For example, If all of the economists in the world were laid end-to-end they would scarcely reach a conclusion. and Economics is the only field in which two people can get a Nobel Prize for saying the opposite thing. Why?  I can't explain all of … Continue reading Micro, Macro, and the Minimum Wage

Speaking on Mythbusting Fears of Social Security Insolvency – Again

Today I'm speaking to the Birmingham NEXT community organization today.  I'll be reprising a slightly updated version of my talk on "Mythbusting the Fears of Social Security Insolvency".  It's a talk I've given to many classes and community groups but I love it and I think it's critical for people to hear.  So I'll repeat … Continue reading Speaking on Mythbusting Fears of Social Security Insolvency – Again