Something Completely Different: Ice Cream

In an attempt to both kick-start myself back into writing/blogging and to try to take some time off from work-related  stuff, I thought I'd write about something completely different. Ice cream. I'm not going to talk about the virtues of this divine dish. I'm sure you're aware of those. If you're not, I offer thoughts … Continue reading Something Completely Different: Ice Cream

Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

I just got back from the Domains19 conference and some thanks and perhaps observations are in order. It was a very interesting, stimulating, and useful conference. Frankly, I've come to expect nothing less from the ReclaimHosting crew: Jim, Tim, Lauren, Meredith, Judith, and Justin(?, we didn't meet yet, I think).  It's a human level conference … Continue reading Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

Malartu, My Other Project

This is only tangentially related to economics, but I'm pretty excited about some coverage I got for my other project (besides blogging here and teaching at LCC).  If you teach in higher education yourself, you might be interested.  If so, contact me.  The article is from Converge Magazine yesterday: Economics Professor Starts Designing Tools for … Continue reading Malartu, My Other Project

Free Speech, Free Worship, Private Property, Facts and Terry Jones

Normally I try to keep this blog focused on explaining economic issues and concepts.  But in the past few days there's a political issue has arisen that's literally very close to home for me and I feel the need to speak out. Last week, Terry Jones and his assistant Warren Sapp of Dove World Outreach … Continue reading Free Speech, Free Worship, Private Property, Facts and Terry Jones

Second Casualty of War

It's  been said often that the "first casualty when war comes is truth".  If so, then surely the second casualty of war is the English language.  The Pentagon, White House and State Dept have long butchered plain language and favored the use of euphemisms.  We long ago learned that it's not really civilians that get … Continue reading Second Casualty of War

Just What I Would Imagine

Brad Delong quotes Mike Boskin on comparing talking to Principles of Economics students vs. being Chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisors: I think that one of Christie Romer's predecessors as CEA Chair, Stanford economist and Republican Mike Boskin, says it best. Being Chair of the CEA and advising all the political appointees in … Continue reading Just What I Would Imagine