LiveTogether – LearnTogether

It's been awhile. I last posted March 14 just as the pandemic shut down and the "pivot" to emergency remote learning was starting.  I usually use this blog space for long, tedious arguments or expansive explanations on theoretical and empirical phenomenon, both pedagogical and economic.  For some reason I've never found the ability to: a. … Continue reading LiveTogether – LearnTogether

Learning in a Pandemic – 1

Now, new and improved with proofreading! OPEN LETTER to MY FACULTY COLLEAGUES There's a pandemic happening and it's called COVID19 just in case you've been under a rock and haven't heard. It's going to have starting to have a big impact on higher education, not to mention a lot of ordinary lives. We are starting … Continue reading Learning in a Pandemic – 1

Prepare for Re-exit (OER19 Reflection)

I just got home from OER19.  Time for a little reflection and a lot of gratitude. Gratitude First First up, let me thank everybody involved. OER has become without doubt my favorite conference/workshop of the year.  I want to thank the people who put so much into making this conference so great and made such … Continue reading Prepare for Re-exit (OER19 Reflection)

Orality, Literacy, and the Education Commons

Note: This post is my reactions to the assigned readings in the LCC Literacy and Education Faculty Learning Community this week. I've always felt myself a stranger in a strange land academically. I've been intimidated by the thought of academic writing. Writing is so, so central to academia and I've thought or seen myself as … Continue reading Orality, Literacy, and the Education Commons

Reflection on OpenEd18: Becoming Open Education

Last week I participated in OpenEd18. This was my fourth OpenEd which, given the growth in the conference, makes me one of the "old hands" in the kind words of David Wiley.  This is the first of two reflections I'll post about the conference. In this one, I'll give some broad impressions of the topics … Continue reading Reflection on OpenEd18: Becoming Open Education

OER, Higher Ed, and the Commons

After spending the past year studying both the economics of a commons, as well as the history and evolution of higher education, it's long past time to say something about what I've figured out.  This is the first post along those lines and I hope it's not the last. What follows here is a light … Continue reading OER, Higher Ed, and the Commons