LiveTogether – LearnTogether

It's been awhile. I last posted March 14 just as the pandemic shut down and the "pivot" to emergency remote learning was starting.  I usually use this blog space for long, tedious arguments or expansive explanations on theoretical and empirical phenomenon, both pedagogical and economic.  For some reason I've never found the ability to: a. … Continue reading LiveTogether – LearnTogether

Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

I just got back from the Domains19 conference and some thanks and perhaps observations are in order. It was a very interesting, stimulating, and useful conference. Frankly, I've come to expect nothing less from the ReclaimHosting crew: Jim, Tim, Lauren, Meredith, Judith, and Justin(?, we didn't meet yet, I think).  It's a human level conference … Continue reading Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

Prepare for Re-exit (OER19 Reflection)

I just got home from OER19.  Time for a little reflection and a lot of gratitude. Gratitude First First up, let me thank everybody involved. OER has become without doubt my favorite conference/workshop of the year.  I want to thank the people who put so much into making this conference so great and made such … Continue reading Prepare for Re-exit (OER19 Reflection)