Origins of the Public Employee Pension “Crisis”

What's an "unfunded pension liability"? As part of the efforts of conservatives who are desperate to cut government spending (particularly on any kind of employee or social benefit spending), we are being treated to an unending drumbeat of "unfunded pension liabilities" are killing state and local government budgets.  Since it's all couched in accountant-type talk … Continue reading Origins of the Public Employee Pension “Crisis”

Working America and Income Inequality

I just discovered a tremendous research source for students (and anybody else) who are curious about changes in income inequality, growth, health, education, etc. in America over a 90+ year period.  It's very flexible and interactive with graphs, etc.   It's The State of Working America, published by Economic Policy Institute. It has tremendous library of … Continue reading Working America and Income Inequality

Four Branches of Government

Students in the U.S. are taught about how the U.S. Constitution establishes three "co-equal" branches of government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, with transparency and accountability to voters being essential to each.  What we don't get taught is how a fourth branch has grown and emerged in the 60+ years since World War II and the … Continue reading Four Branches of Government