Aftershocks: Prepare for the Slowdown

I'm back from the Higher Learning Commission conference in Chicago, which is why postings have been sparse.  I probably won't get really back up to speed on postings for yet another few days because I've teaching, grading, and taxes to do.In Japan, the aftershocks continue from the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  The global … Continue reading Aftershocks: Prepare for the Slowdown

Possible Economic Effects of Japanese Disasters

Some information is starting to develop about the economic impacts of the events in Japan.  A week ago, just after the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant partial meltdown, it was much too difficult to foresee the probable impacts of the crisis. Now it's starting to show and the news is not encouraging … Continue reading Possible Economic Effects of Japanese Disasters

Chile, Haiti, Earthquakes and Economics Tales

The popular story about Chile, as told in the Commanding Heights video and elsewhere, has "The Chicago Boys" helping dictator Pinochet to overthrow Marxism and quickly establishing a growing free-market, small-government paradise.  Even today, the free-market fundamentalists tout here and  here and here that the Chicago Boys and the free-market ideology is responsible for Chile … Continue reading Chile, Haiti, Earthquakes and Economics Tales