Busting the Medicare Myths – Presentation

I gave a presentation today to the Michigan Intergenerational Network at Madonna University on the economic prospects of Medicare (U.S.). Thanks to the Madonna Univ. Gerontology Department for support and assistance. For a downloadable and viewable copy of the presentation, see:  https://jimluke.com/course-resources/presentations/busting-myths-about-medicare/.

Easy Way to Fix Obamacare and Cut Deficit

The easy way to fix Obama's healthcare bill/law and at the same time cut the federal deficit.  Just sayin'... The Easy Way to Cut the Federal Deficit by Jonathan Zasloff One can debate the political pros and cons of President Obama’s proposed budget: Jonathan Chait does an excellent job here debating with — himself!  But … Continue reading Easy Way to Fix Obamacare and Cut Deficit

Healthcare Act – Unintended Consequences

So far I've largely stayed away from commenting on the lawsuits and Republican/Tea Party attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act of 2010 that everyone refers to as Obamacare (odd choice of name since it doesn't set up any government-operated healthcare facilities - it's mostly about insurance, not care delivery). It seems that there are … Continue reading Healthcare Act – Unintended Consequences

Ok, so apparently 14 or more state Attorneys General, including my state's AG, Mike Cox, have filed lawsuits to try to stop the recently enacted Healthcare Reform Act.  These AG's claim to acting in the interests of their citizens to "protect" them against waste, fraud, and so-called unconstitutional mandates by the federal government.  Apparently in … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform in 2 sentences

Excerpting from Brad Delong: we have moved from having by far the worst health care financing system in the OECD to a health care financing system that is merely bad by the standards of the OECD... ...People will wake up one morning and realise that the healthcare bill hasn’t brought socialism to America. And ... … Continue reading Healthcare Reform in 2 sentences

Healthcare: Do It Because It’s the Right Thing To Do

The following is important enough to repeat in full from Krugman at Demons And Demonization. What I want to add is that the opponents of Healthcare Reform claim to be supporters of "liberty" and "free  markets" and claim to be opposed to the "tyranny" of government involvement.  Yet what is very clear (and this story … Continue reading Healthcare: Do It Because It’s the Right Thing To Do