Romney Doesn’t Know Real History

So Wednesday evening I'm walking on the treadmill at the healthclub.  It's a mixed experience. I feel better working out but I have to suffer through Fox News on the big TV in front in the treadmills.  So I'm watching the Fox News, and predictably, they're interviewing Republicans and trying to belittle the President's State … Continue reading Romney Doesn’t Know Real History

More evidence against patents

Yes, patents, copyrights, etc., the intellectual so-called property protections are really profits-protection for existing large corporations.  The stronger patents and copyrights are, the weaker is innovation and growth. ...weaker IP protections might actually correlate with economic growth,... via Scholarly Communications @ Duke » The joy of statistics.

Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!

Well, actually it likely wouldn't save the whales. But, abolishing patents would likely re-invigorate the economy, revive competition, lower costs (particularly healthcare costs), and speed up innovation. Levine and Boldrin help lay out the case against patents in this piece.  An excerpt ( I recommend following the link): Abolishing so-called intellectual "property" (IP) won't solve … Continue reading Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!