‘Ism’s, Rhetoric,and the Branding of Ideology in the 21st Century

The following is a reflection I'm sharing with my online Introduction to Political Economy (it has a different name, but that's what it is) course. It's long and therefore continued after the jump. Textbooks and politicians make frequent use of labels for socio-political-economic systems. Typically these labels identify some particular ideology as an "ism".  Thus … Continue reading ‘Ism’s, Rhetoric,and the Branding of Ideology in the 21st Century

Tunisia, Egypt and “isms”

Note to regular readers: You may notice an increasing number of posts that deal with pure political economy or international issues.  In the past my posts have been dominated by macro-economic concerns and that's largely because my teaching schedule was heavily macro.  I'm teaching a new class this term that is essentially Political Economy 101, … Continue reading Tunisia, Egypt and “isms”

Econ -ism’s Explained (funny)

The following has been circulating on the inter-tubes. It rather pithily captures the essence of different economic systems. My favorite is the AIG Venture Capitalism description. Understanding Economic Systems a simple explanation Traditional Capitalism You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell the … Continue reading Econ -ism’s Explained (funny)