Corporate Entitlements: Music Edition

Well sorry to all for the two-week absence, but I'm back from being on the road and all the end-of-semester stuff the school requires. There's a myth that's pushed and carefully nurtured by corporate executives and conservatives.  It's the image that "private enterprise" lives and dies by the market and that the profit motive is … Continue reading Corporate Entitlements: Music Edition

The Death of Recorded Music Sales

First, let's look at: The REAL Death Of The Music Industry   Michael DeGusta | Feb. 18, 2011, 12:13 PM In January, Bain & Company produced the following chart as part of their report on “Publishing in the Digital Age” (PDF): Image: Bain Analysis Then on Tuesday, someone posted it on Flickr. Subsequently, Peter Kafka … Continue reading The Death of Recorded Music Sales