Obama’s So-Called Keynesian Stimulus Efforts Aren’t Very

The simple version of Keynesian economics suggests that if the economy is suffering from too little economic activity and high unemployment there are some policy options.  Specifically Keynes suggests there are three general kinds of policy options: The central bank (The Fed in the case of the U.S.) could lower interest rates and create money … Continue reading Obama’s So-Called Keynesian Stimulus Efforts Aren’t Very

Where Are or Were The Jobs?

With the all the alleged concern in Washington now from both parties about job creation, there's something that's missing in much of the debate: facts.  So let's take a look at some.  I really like graphics like the one below.  They're complex and take quite some time to read and fully absorb what's there, but … Continue reading Where Are or Were The Jobs?

The Obama Jobs Proposal Is Less Than Stimulating

After over a year of Presidential and Congressional debate and sparring about how to reduce spending, cut deficits, and limit debts, the politicians in Washington have finally taken notice that we have a "jobs crisis".  Specifically, we simply aren't creating new employment fast enough to reduce our high levels of unemployment. Timidity wrapped in strong … Continue reading The Obama Jobs Proposal Is Less Than Stimulating

President Obama’s Jobs Advisor Ships Jobs Overseas.

No wonder jobs aren't being created.  The President listens closely to Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of corporate welfare recipient large multinational General Electric about jobs policy.  So what's GE doing about jobs?  Bloomberg reports: General Electric Co.’s health-care unit, the world’s biggest maker of medical-imaging machines, is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to … Continue reading President Obama’s Jobs Advisor Ships Jobs Overseas.

What Is Obama Waiting For?

I'm with Brad Delong and a host of others in wondering just why President Obama doesn't simply do away with this whole silly, unnecessary debate about the debt ceiling.  Too much is at risk to continue this charade and silly theatrics.  Brad summarizes for us: Does anybody have any doubt that any Republican President--Bush II … Continue reading What Is Obama Waiting For?

Where’s Obama?

The President is missing. Could we get the candidate back? The concerted effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights has spread well beyond Wisconsin.  So have the protests. Reports have protests in 38 state capitols this week, including even Montana. Heck, even the protesters in Cairo are expressing support and solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin. … Continue reading Where’s Obama?

Leadership FAIL: Again

This time I'll outsource the job to Paul Krugman at the New York Times.  I don't always agree with Paul, but he's spot on with this. The Obama administration never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, especially if it involves banks. Epitaph For An Administration In today’s report on the foreclosure mess, a revealing sentence: … Continue reading Leadership FAIL: Again