Commons of Our Own

A college degree is more than the sum of its courses. The learning that takes place in the classroom has always been only a part of a good college education. Without opportunities to share, create, and connect, lectures, testing, and courses become shallow learning, boxes for students to check. The most impactful learning experiences connect the classroom to experiences and authentic assignments rooted in the real world.  Historically, this is why campus life and indeed the physical campus itself has always been so important. The campus, and life on the campus, has provided the liminal space and the linkage between classroom and real world. The campus is truly a place of ambient learning. With the growth of the digital world and online learning, the campus as learning space is sorely missed. The LMS only creates a classroom experience, not the ambient learning of the campus. By building off a domains of one's own program, Lansing Community College is addressing this gap by creating OpenLCC, a scholarly Commons of Our Own.

Still Running Errands for Open Learning Ideas

A big day planned today.  I'll be spreading the word about Domains of One's Own projects, Reclaim Hosting, and open learning to community colleges. I'll be presenting twice today at the League for Innovation in Community College's big Innovations 2017 conference.  Actually, we will be presenting and spreading the word today. First up, I assist my … Continue reading Still Running Errands for Open Learning Ideas

OpenLCC + WP: A Revolution in Higher Ed (Presentation to WP Meetup Detroit)

Presentation to Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, March 21, 2016. June 14, 2016 Direct link to Google Slides presentation here. Examples: Single Assignment Sites: Writing in Public Social Reading, Commenting, and Annotation Student Projects as Living Community Resources OER (Open Educational Resources & Textbooks) Student Blogs & Course Hubs via … Continue reading OpenLCC + WP: A Revolution in Higher Ed (Presentation to WP Meetup Detroit)