Patents Aren’t Signs of Economic Health

The President in the State of the Union speech pridefully observed that America issues more patents than any other country.  So what.  That's not a sign of economic vitality.  It's a sign of government giving privileged monopolies to some and allowing them to stop the march of learning, innovation, and research.  Matthew Yglesias understands.  John … Continue reading Patents Aren’t Signs of Economic Health

Interesting and Good Stuff from This Week

From the Wall Street Journal: Bring Back the Robber Barons .  I think I'll pass. I mean why stop with the robber barons? Why not go all the way back to feudalism where most workers are the personal property of some monied rich baron who's buddy-buddy with the king? From Maxine Udall (girl Economist): Bring … Continue reading Interesting and Good Stuff from This Week

More evidence against patents

Yes, patents, copyrights, etc., the intellectual so-called property protections are really profits-protection for existing large corporations.  The stronger patents and copyrights are, the weaker is innovation and growth. ...weaker IP protections might actually correlate with economic growth,... via Scholarly Communications @ Duke » The joy of statistics.

Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!

Well, actually it likely wouldn't save the whales. But, abolishing patents would likely re-invigorate the economy, revive competition, lower costs (particularly healthcare costs), and speed up innovation. Levine and Boldrin help lay out the case against patents in this piece.  An excerpt ( I recommend following the link): Abolishing so-called intellectual "property" (IP) won't solve … Continue reading Save the Whales! Abolish Patents!