Make Connections

WordPress makes a lot of dreams come true.  But it's not the magic bullet. The WordPress community is. Yesterday, the ever-inspiring Sue-Anne Sweeney (@MadonnaUAging) showed me this Tedx video by Barbara Sher.  She makes a powerful point. It's not bad attitude or some other supposed personal character weakness that keeps you from your dreams. It's … Continue reading Make Connections

10 Things I Learned At WordCamp This Summer

I'm speaking at the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, Sept 21, 2014, and shockingly, I've got my slide deck ready well before time! Links for more info:. Brute Protect: WP Multi-Networks Plugin: Future of WordPress Updates: P2 theme: API-JSON: Desktop Server from ServerPress: WordPress Philosophy: ChalkPress: Making Presentations … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned At WordCamp This Summer