Make Connections

WordPress makes a lot of dreams come true.  But it’s not the magic bullet. The WordPress community is.

Yesterday, the ever-inspiring Sue-Anne Sweeney (@MadonnaUAging) showed me this Tedx video by Barbara Sher.  She makes a powerful point. It’s not bad attitude or some other supposed personal character weakness that keeps you from your dreams. It’s isolation.  Isolation is the dream killer.

The remedy for isolation, of course, is to make connections. Meet people. Share your dreams.

So I’ve got a couple suggestions.  Find a WordCamp near you. Find a WordPress group near you.  Join. Share. You’ll meet a people that just might be able you help you. And you just might be able to get the warm feeling that comes from helping somebody else.

If you’re anywhere near the western metro Detroit area this Tuesday, January 9, come join us. Our first meetup is Tuesday, January 9, 2018 in Plymouth, Michigan. RSVP on Eventbrite so we know you’re coming! Bookmark the new site for the group:

10 Things I Learned At WordCamp This Summer

I’m speaking at the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, Sept 21, 2014, and shockingly, I’ve got my slide deck ready well before time!

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Links for more info:.

  1. Brute Protect:
  2. WP Multi-Networks Plugin:
  3. Future of WordPress Updates:
  4. P2 theme:
  5. API-JSON:
  6. Desktop Server from ServerPress:
  7. WordPress Philosophy:
  8. ChalkPress:
  9. Making Presentations in/with WordPress:  Other plugin and theme presentation options include:
    1. Jetpack Presentation Shortcode
      1. You can see a demo of the Jetpack Presentation Shortcode, including underlying code, at
    2. 3D Presentation
    3. HTML5 Slideshow Presentations
    4. Post Presentations

Bonus:  Year Without Pants


I’m trying out a new look.  I’ve updated the theme as long-time viewers can tell.  The new theme has a few advantages over the old one.  First, it’s a “responsive” theme.  That means that it should automagically adjust to the width of whatever browser you’re using.  If you view it on a smart phone, it should push the side-bar stuff down to the bottom so the main text is more readable. And, as long as I can resist the urge to create a menu of tabs across the top, it should retain the fluid-width aspect of the old one.

Another reason for changing is that (the host for the blog) is really pushing it.  The old theme isn’t being updated.  We’ll just have to see if I get the spacing on the graphs right.

The new them also makes it easy for me to add short “Aside” posts.  I’m going to try to adding some of these usually as links to articles I find interesting but don’t have time to write a full commentary.

Anyway, I’m interested in any comments on either the theme or other ideas to make the blog more readable or useful (short of recommendations that I replace the author!).